Sunday, November 7, 2010


The first bundt cake of the season, Ginger-Rum Bundt Cake, is in the oven as I type. Analysis and recipe to follow.

OK, ladies and gentleman, although I have enjoyed BCS as a one-woman show in the past, it will be much more fun if tons of others join in. So, I'm encouraging you to dust off your bundt pans,* find a recipe that looks good, and share your results.

To get your cake on the Bundt Cake Season blog, all you need to do is email me at bundtcakeseason[at] Please include the name of the cake you made, a description of how you thought it turned out, and the recipe (please include the source of the recipe, too). A picture would be nice, but is not necessary. I'll put the post up on the old blog and make sure you get credit.

*If you don't own a bundt pan, I bet your mom does. Or your aunt or your uncle who bakes or your great-aunt Sally, or your grandma, or your friendly neighbor, or that crazy cat lady down the street. Of course, if you're feeling like you really want to commit to Bundt Cake Season, you can always invest in a bundt pan of your very own.

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